Forensic Accounting

Although relatively new to the accounting profession, the role of a forensic expert in other professions has been in place for some time. Forensic Accountants are trained to react to complaints arising in criminal matters, statements of claim arising in civil litigation and enquiries arising in corporate investigations. Ideally, forensic accounting should allow two parties to move quickly and efficiently to resolve the complaint, statement of claim or enquiry, or at least, reduce the financial element as an area of ongoing debate.

The increased business complexities in a litigious environment have enhanced the need for this discipline. It is possible to summarise the range of application into the following areas:

  • CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS – We will act as an independent and objective party investigating any possible wrong-doing within and without the Corporate environment.
  • LITIGATION SUPPORT – We will assist counsel in investigating and assessing the integrity and amount relative to such areas as loss of profits, construction claims, product liability, shareholders disputes and breach of contract.
  • CRIMINAL MATTERS – We will act as expert witnesses in cases involving white-collar crime.
  • INSURANCE CLAIMS – We will act in the preparation and assessment of insurance claims on behalf of the insured and insurers. We will assess both the integrityand quantum of a claim.

With our previous experience in this area, we can guarantee that your individual needs will be catered for.


  • Identify the financial issue
  • Use our knowledge of investigative techniques
  • Interpret the financial information
  • Consolidate the financial evidence in a way that’s acceptable to the Courts
  • Present our findings in a clear and concise manner