In this ever-changing area, which is becoming increasingly more complicated, we endeavour to provide our clients with timely professinoal advice on the tax implications of any business or personal decision they undertake. We provide a full taxation service in the Corporate and Personal areas.


  • Tax Planning for Corporate Entities
  • Preparation of Corporate Tax Returns including computation of tax liabilities
  • Efficient handling of Revenue Audits and other Revenue inspections
  • Advice on V.A.T., P.A.Y.E. and C.I.D. regulations and their practical implementation
  • Planning for retirement of existing shareholders and directors
  • Advice on various reliefs available
  • We ensure strict adherence to Revenue time limits


  • Tax planning for individuals or partnerships
  • Preparation of Personal Tax Returns to include computations
  • Handling of Revenue Audits and other Revenue inspections
  • Advice on V.A.T. and P.A.Y.E. regulations and their practical implementation
  • Completion of Tax Returns for Directors and other Schedule E employees and advice on reliefs available
  • Advice on tax treatment of sub-contractors
  • Advice on taxation on retirement or removal from employment
  • Advice on tax implications of marital breakdown
  • We ensure strict adhereence to Revenue time limits


  • Computation of taxation liabilities arising on estates and settlement of same
  • Tax planning for Capital Acquisitions Tax
  • Tax planning for Capital Gains Tax
  • Advice on foreign employments
  • Tax planning in relation to Stamp Duty