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Our business coaching will transform your business by strategically shaping the business that you want

  • Start-ups and established businesses
  • Resolve the issues affecting your business
  • Work ‘on’ your business instead of ‘in’ your business
  • Emphasis on accountability
  • Adapting your business to thrive
  • We offer a fresh, unbiased perspective


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Business Coaching for Irish Businesses

At Russell & Co., our business coaching expertise comes from vast experience working with businesses from a wide range of industries in Ireland and beyond. We have been at the frontline of Irish business for over 40 years which has enabled us to learn the ins and outs of what is needed to be successful.

Our understanding of the business landscape gives us an edge when it comes to business coaching as we can pass on our expertise to help you achieve more. Our business coaching will not only help you develop your business skills, but also enable you to implement them effectively so that they have a real positive impact on your business. The focus of our business coaching is to ensure your business delivers consistent results and improvements.

How can Russell & Co.’s business coaching help you?



Over the past two decades, we have helped countless clients build successful businesses. We have helped them resolve a host of issues relating to strategy, finance and more. When you work with Russell & Co., you will benefit from our accounting knowledge in areas like company auditing, forensic accounting, and liquidation along with access to the professional contacts we have acquired with companies like Surf Accounts and My Start-Up.

Our business coaching method puts a lot of emphasis on accountability for both parties. Our feedback has shown that this will help to develop trust as we are both willing to make commitments to make your business a success. Accountability doesn’t mean focusing on highlighting mistakes. The purpose is to enable us to set goals that we agree on and achieve the results we want together.


What is business coaching?



The purpose of a business coach is to help entrepreneurs identify what it is they want from their business and help them achieve their objectives. We can identify the problems that are preventing your business from reaching its potential and can implement a strategy to resolve them immediately.

In the past, we have worked with both start-ups and established companies that needed a boost. Our business coaching has previously prevented clients from losing their business by taking swift action to not only put them in the right direction but to thrive going forward. Working with Russell & Co’s business coaching can be the difference between your company being a success and closing for business.

As entrepreneurs, it is sometimes difficult to admit we need help. After all, it is our independence that makes us who we are. However, it is a given that every entrepreneur will run into difficulty at some stage of their business lifecycle. Our industry expertise can help you push past any barriers that might exist to help you work smarter, not harder.

Why is business coaching important?



Working with Russell & Co. will be the single greatest investment you make in your business. Access to our advice and support on the issues affecting your business is invaluable for both your professional and personal growth. We understand the pressure of being self-employed and can apply our expertise to develop your company to reach its potential.

Our business coaching places a lot of emphasis on accountability. We sit down with our clients regularly to identify your specific goals and evaluate the steps that are being taken to reach them. This way all our clients get a great return on their investment. If our expectations are not being reached, we will re-evaluate the situation and offer a fresh perspective to highlight what needs to change going forward.

Our business coaching is about improving your future. We focus on changing your mindset which in turn allows for new avenues to open for you. We look at how your business can succeed and put the processes in place that are needed to achieve it.

Become a ‘Business Owner’ as opposed to a slave to the business



As business owners, we often feel enslaved to the business because of the sheer number of hours we put in. One of the main objectives of our business coaching is to enable our clients to work ‘on’ their business instead of ‘in’ their business.

It is essential that you can get away from the inner workings of your business for a greater work/life balance but the problem a lot of our clients have is that their business is totally reliant on them being there. There is a financial gain to be had also, because when every aspect of the business is dependent on you, the growth of the business is restricted significantly.

Moving away from the day-to-day operations of your business can be very challenging for business owners. After all, it’s your blood, sweat and tears that have made it what it is today. However, to support the lifestyle you desire it is an essential step to take.

Business Coaching Equips you with the right knowledge and experience for success



As an independent chartered accountant firm, we know what it takes to run a successful business. We have run a business through boom times and through bust. During the financial crash of 2008, the business landscape in Ireland was bleak. Nearly every Irish business felt an impact from the recession and unfortunately some were unable to survive. Instead of panicking, we knew adapting was the key to not only survive but to thrive. Russell & Co. expanded to offer much needed liquidation and insolvency services which enabled the firm to grow through difficult times.

At Russell & Co., we have a genuine desire to pass on our knowledge to help you grow and reach your goals. However, as any business owner will tell you, being in business is not easy. There are constant trials and tribulations meaning life can be quite stressful. Our business coaching method enables you to overcome any obstacles and difficulties you may be confronted with by offering expert advice and peace-of-mind.

Unbiased Opinion



When you are running a business, sometimes it is necessary to get a fresh perspective on how your business is functioning. An unbiased opinion is essential to protect the profitability and sustainability of your business, especially if you are experiencing difficulties. The major benefit of a fresh pair of eyes is that we are not influenced by opinions within the company which enables us to call it as we see it without causing offence.

A lot of business owners utilise information available online when they need an outside opinion on an issue within their business. The major problem with online articles is that they don’t consider the unique aspects of your business. Our team can carry out a more complete and analytical investigation to establish the real problem at play and resolve it.

Without doubt, your team is well-equipped to provide intelligent and informed opinions on your business. However, our experience working with Irish businesses can bring new and innovative ideas to the table. We have a wide range of expertise ranging from payroll to starting a new business which we can apply to your business with an unbiased opinion.

Save time, save money and increase profits



When running a business, there are two ways to increase profits. The first way is to increase sales. This is usually the method that gets business owners excited and understandably so. When you work with our business coaching programme, we will use our extensive knowledge to help you increase sales. However, we will also put an emphasis on saving money. We are experts in carrying out audits on companies to identify how you can cut costs, spend less and increase profits without laying off staff or reducing the quality of your product.

Our business coaching will allow real business growth as a result of implementing proven best-practice systems and processes to save you time and money. We will use our accountancy background to help you to make the best choices regarding issues like taxation and when to spend money on your business.


Maximise your personal and professional performance



Stress is the biggest reason holding business owners back from creating transformational breakthroughs in both their personal and professional lives. The demands and obligations that business owners are under seems to be never ending and can inhibit growth. It is essential as a business owner that you value the need to grow both personally and professionally. Otherwise, you risk stagnating.

The fact you have or want to set up a business demonstrates that you are a resourceful and capable person. Our aim is to understand what your personal and professional goals are in order to use our insights, tools and programs that we’ve developed to help you succeed. Working with Russell and Co. is not just about achieving greater results in terms of profit but also having a business that you can be proud of.



Russell & Co. can provide expert business coaching to take your business to the next level.

We also provide a full range of Accounting Services to assist your company including Accounting and Bureau Services, Company Secretarial Services and Company Formation Services.

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