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Forensic Accounting keeps your business & personal wealth protected

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  • Identify financial fraud
  • Protect your business
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Experts in forensic accounting, Russell & Co. have been delivering a range of forensic accountancy services for over 16 years. Working with both private and commercial clients, our dedicated team offer a range of services, including litigation support, asset tracing, fraud investigations and investigative accounting

With a range of specialisms and services, our forensic accounting services can protect your business and/or personal assets. Our in-depth understanding of accountancy practices enables us to identify and trace instances of financial fraud and misrepresentation. Furthermore, our professional team can conduct investigations in order to determine whether you or your company could be at risk due to potentially fraudulent activities or misrepresentation. 

What is the purpose of forensic accounting?



Companies require forensic accounting for a variety of reasons, all of which help to protect the business. Both internal and external financial fact-finding can help to access crucial data, which may have been somewhat elusive in the past. Key to identifying potential areas of deception, forensic accounting can help you to ensure regulatory and legislative compliance at all times. Whether you’re planning a merger and want to ensure you have accurate financial information relating to the company in question, you suspect you’ve been the victim of a sophisticated fraud or you want to trace assets which are unaccounted for, forensic accounting services from an experienced firm is what you need.

Commercial Forensic Accounting Ireland



Our corporate forensic accounting team in Cork can help to protect your business from potentially harmful deals, contracts, mergers and acquisitions. If you’re merging with or acquiring another company in Ireland, you’ll need to ensure that the financial information you’ve been given is wholly accurate. 

With the continued operation and success of your business depending on the accuracy of this information, it’s vital that effective due diligence is carried out. With forensic accounting, you can be sure that you have access to the complete picture before you agree to any terms or enter into any contracts, thus protecting your own financial interests and the company’s. 

Our highly experienced and dedicated team go over and above to deliver the forensic accountancy services companies require. Our specialist services include:

  • Fraud investigations
  • Share valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Solvency and restructuring advice
  • Business interruption claims
  • Internal audits
  • Corporate governance reviews

With unrivalled persistence and determination, our highly qualified team can access the data necessary to carry out financial fact-finding. From there, we are able to examine, assess and evaluate the information to determine what it means for your business.

Protecting your business with forensic accounting



Although forensic accounting can establish whether fraud or misrepresentation has been carried out, it can also pre-empt potential fraudulent activity, and protect your company accordingly. Whilst companies may not be aware of such activities until they begin to notice a loss, forensic accounting can successfully uncover discrepancies which may indicate the company is at risk. 

With this information, you can successfully close the loopholes which could give rise to fraud, and ensure your company doesn’t suffer any fiscal losses as a result. Furthermore, negating the possibility of fraudulent activities can avoid costly inquiries and external investigations, as well as media interest. With the potential to prevent your business from suffering financial and reputation loss, forensic accounting can be the most cost-effective way of protecting your business interests

As well as using forensic accounting services in-house, our innovative team can carry out in-depth due diligence to ensure your company is trading with reputable and trustworthy partners. Entering into any agreement requires some level of due diligence, particularly if significant restructuring or financial investment is at stake. By using forensic accounting, any information you receive can be examined in detail to determine whether or not in can be relied upon.

If your company is considering a buy-out, acquisition or merger, undertaking due diligence via forensic accounting is a vital part of the process. It is only once you have this information that you can begin to negotiate the terms of the deal, engage in company formation and ensure your company isn’t the victim of financial misrepresentation.

If you chose not to undertake in-depth due diligence before entering into an agreement, for example, and you later believe the other party misrepresented themselves, our forensic accounting team in Cork can help to uncover evidence to this effect. Vital in any subsequent legal action, effective forensic accounting could help to identify instances of financial misrepresentation or fraud, which could support a subsequent claim for damages and/or the voiding of a contract.

Designed to protect your business from harm, forensic accounting can highlight potential areas of concern before any damage occurs, therefore enabling you to take preventative action. Our accountants and analysts are able to scrutinise corporate data, identify potential issues and compile comprehensive reports for your company. By effectively minimising risk and protecting your assets and operations, forensic accounting is one of the most valuable tools available to your business in Ireland.

Private client forensic accounting Ireland



People often assume that it’s only companies who require forensic accounting, but there are actually numerous instances in which private individuals require the services of a forensic accountancy team here in Ireland. 

Issues of bankruptcy, divorce, separation, fidelity insurance, agreements, personal injury claims and personal insolvency claims all give rise to the need for forensic accounting, and our highly experienced team can assist with all of these issues. 

Financial issues arising from relationship disputes commonly require forensic accountancy services, and it’s becoming increasingly common for private individuals to use the services of forensic accountants to uncover misrepresentation. 

If you’re separating or divorcing your partner, for example, full and frank financial disclosure is required. It’s not uncommon, however, for one party to try and hide assets or savings so that they are not subject to the financial proceedings relating to the breakdown of the relationship. 

We can successfully identify instances in which your ex-partner has misled the courts as to his or her financial standing, as well as tracing the assets so that they can be included in the relevant proceedings. 

Alternatively, forensic accounting can assist private individuals who are faced with personal injury liability. If someone makes a claim against you due to an injury they’ve sustained, they may also claim for damages relating to the injury. Whether you accept liability for the injury or not, it’s vital that you carry out financial fact-finding to determine whether or not the contents of their claims are true and accurate. 

With a myriad of services aimed at protecting private individuals and ensuring they do not fall victim to fraudulent activity, Russell & Co. is committed to providing swift, in-depth and effective forensic accountancy services in Cork and throughout Ireland.

Litigation support and expert witness testimony



Often, forensic accounting in Ireland is required due to a dispute, either between companies or individuals. If the issue cannot be resolved, it’s common for the matter to be dealt with by the courts. Whether you’re an individual with an upcoming financial hearing relating to a divorce or a CEO whose company has suffered because of a failed merger, forensic accounting reports can be valuable and persuasive evidence

With extensive experience in litigation support, Russell & Co. can provide documents and reports to be used in your legal dispute, both prior to any hearings and in the course of litigation. Familiar with both the Irish Court’s requirements and the nature of such proceedings, our professional team routinely create, compile and deliver data analysis for clients who are in the process of litigation. 

Furthermore, we can provide expert witness testimony to support our findings, if we are called to do so.

Any court case relies on the evidence presented, so it’s essential you have independent and objective forensic accountancy reports to support your claim. With our Irish forensic accounting service, these reports can be prepared well in advance of any hearings, so that your legal team can use the information to build a compelling and persuasive case, which may be used at Court or to encourage the other party to agree to a pre-litigation settlement. 

For both private individuals and commercial companies, forensic accounting is the most effective way to protect your interests and your finances from potential or existing fraud and misrepresentation.



Russell & Co. can ensure compliance with company legislation and ensure your business is protected. We also offer standard  Accountancy Services like Tax Advice, plus Company Formations & Specialist Irish Liquidation Services. 

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